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How it works

How it Works

You can earn 5% as a Regular Member from the contributions of your referrals. Anyone joining our pre-sale using a referral link will also receive 1% bonus coins.

You can unlock the Mastercode Owner status by having a total of personal contributions and referral reward higher than 100.000MDX.

Mastercode Owners also receive 2% from the contributions of the referrals of their referrals (Level 2 Referrals).

Calculate your Reward as a Regular Member

Number of Level 1 Referrals

Potential Reward**

at an average $0.80 price

Calculate your Reward as a Mastercode Owner

Number of Level 1 Referrals

Number of Level 2 Referrals*

Potential Earnings**

at an average $0.80 price

* For Mastercode owners only
** Rewards are calculated based on an average contribution of $2500.